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03. 25.

First Meeting in 2022 of the Committee of the Rába Region Slovene Repository of Values

Headquarters of the National Slovene Self-Government hosted the first committee meeting of 2022. During the session the project titled “On Fabled Lands” was presented as was the fairy tale which…

03. 17.

Unprecedented Developments along the Hungarian Border

For five years, the Hungarian and Slovenian states will spend 5-5 million euros a year – 50 million in total – on the infrastructure development of the border region of…

03. 16.

How do EGTC cooperations affect young people?

The Community Training Event of the National Youth Council (formerly Leadership Training) took place on March 4 in Komárom, with the aim of developing the skills and competencies of young…

11. 23.

István Pálfi Scholarship Program

The Pálfi István Regional Development Foundation – with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – announces the Pálfi István Scholarship Program for higher education institutions in…

11. 23.

International Conference Organized by Muraba ETT

Last week, the AGARE project hosted an international event hosted by the Muraba EGTC. The event was attended by 6 countries, one in person and one with an online presence….