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10. 06.

Elder friendly region – Research

Muraba EGTC is researching the Lendva and Szentgotthard regions to assess the relevance regarding the elderly of the facilities of the region, programs, services, institutions and organizations as well as…

09. 23.

Further successful tenders

The result of the Hungaricum tender has been announced and the Municipality of Rönök and the Municipality of Szalafő both received a positive confiscation. Both tenders’ documentation was compiled by…

09. 23.

Successful event as part of the Motivage project

Today morning a situation assessing workshop took place, where as part of a roundtable discussion the state of the regional elderly care was assessed, its most important challenges and the…

09. 16.

Charity action in the Rába region

Planning & Trading Kft. in cooperation with Midea have offered 6 Kids type air conditioners (colored, specially made for children) completely free and were installed in the kindergartens of Apátistvánfalva,…

06. 22.

Borderless Cooperation

Teodor Varga, President of Muravidék Hungarian Youth Organization and Vice-president Denis Tamaško visited Szentgotthárd, hosted by Bálint Papp Director of Muraba European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation. This marks the first…