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Unprecedented Developments along the Hungarian Border

For five years, the Hungarian and Slovenian states will spend 5-5 million euros a year - 50 million in total - on the infrastructure development of the border region of the two countries, the Mura and Rába regions. An agreement on this has recently been published in the Hungarian Gazette, and specific projects are being developed.
The current development program supports the improvement of the living conditions and economic opportunities of the nationalities living here in a unique way, which has never been seen before in the region, said Bálint Papp, director of the Muraba European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation, responsible for conducting the campaign.
More information can be found in the World Economy article: https://www.vg.hu/vilaggazdasag-magyar-gazdasag/2022/03/peldatlan-fejlesztesek-kezdodnek-a-magyar-hatar-menten
Source: World Economy