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Members of the MURABA EGTC are the Municipality of Szentgotthárd (Hungary), the Municipality of Lendava (Slovenia), the Mura Region Hungarian National Self-Government Community (in Slovenia) and the National Slovene Self-Government (in Hungary).

Through the cooperation of its Members the EGTC’s operation can cover almost all development areas in the region, including:

  • increasing employment opportunities and employability, encouraging entrepreneurship;
  • retaining young people;
  • cultural, leisure and tourism development;
  • promoting and supporting bilingual education and training;
  • environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources;
  • through infrastructure and transportation development improving the accessibility of areas inhabited by national minorities and the standard of living.

 Although the primary activity of MURABA EGTC is to implement cooperation programmes in the above-mentioned fields with the involvement of EU funds, we aim to go beyond projects and:

  • facilitate cooperation between local and cross-border actors, 
  • help institutions, economic operators (especially the SME sector) and the public at large in accessing domestic, EU and international funds,
  • promote a sense of responsibility and civic participation, through awareness-raising projects,
  • help actors to eliminate the legal, administrative and other barriers arising from the regions’ cross-border exposure and to take advantage of opportunities coming from the same.

Through our activities, we want to help Pomurje and Porabje to become a closely interconnected area where

  • people supply their needs from ecologically sustainable local sources – to an increasing degree,
  • the investments are tailored to local needs and conditions, and operate with continuous development,
  • the population actively participates in making our environment more liveable and sustainable.