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Borderless Cooperation

Teodor Varga, President of Muravidék Hungarian Youth Organization and Vice-president Denis Tamaško visited Szentgotthárd, hosted by Bálint Papp Director of Muraba European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation. This marks the first official meeting between the two organizations which was deemed extraordinarily fruitful according to both partners.

The foci of the discussion were youth politics and several different program opportunities which would endorse young people in both Rába- and Muravidék to stay in their home region.

They agreed that developments across the border may only come to fruition and become sustainable if they are bolstered by partners from both sides. As a result of this they began working out agendas which would be applicable on both sides of the border regarding the vocational choices of young people. Following this, they overviewed various ways on how applications concerning young people may be done synchronously, thus strengthening their realization.

Muraba: Developing the region, building the community