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11. 23.

International Conference Organized by Muraba ETT

Last week, the AGARE project hosted an international event hosted by the Muraba EGTC. The event was attended by 6 countries, one in person and one with an online presence….

08. 25.

Together for an elderly friendly region

Lendva was the host of an event where agreements cooperation were signed. The participants committed themselves to the developments involving the social, health, and elderly sectors in the Mura and…

08. 23.

Project Presentation Conference about the Results of the Motivage Project

Gotthard Therme Hotel & Conference**** gave home to the press public project demonstration organized by Muraba ETT, which presented the goals and achievements of the Motivage project. The participants could…

06. 16.

Tenders to preserve identity and tradition

The results of this year’s Hungaricum tenders had been announced yesterday by István Nagy agrarian minister and Zsolt V. Németh ministerial comissary during a press conference in Budapest. The Agrarian…