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Project Presentation Conference about the Results of the Motivage Project

Gotthard Therme Hotel & Conference**** gave home to the press public project demonstration organized by Muraba ETT, which presented the goals and achievements of the Motivage project. The participants could also listen to an exciting presentation about pedelec (electric bicycles).

Viktor Varró, a colleague of Muraba ETT welcomed the participants of the conference, explaining that it was supposed to be an event kicking off the project, but the pandemic did not allow for it. Thus, instead of a presentation introducing the project at the event, there will be a project describing the presentation.

Gábor Huszár mayor of Szentgotthárd in his welcoming speech reminded the participants that Szentgotthárd had won an “Elderly Friendly Municipality Award” which proves that they are committed to their elderly citizens, and the goals of the project are in concordance with each other. He emphasized the importance of the 60 signaling watches bought as part of the project, which provide great assistance for the elderly because it constantly monitors their health throughout their everyday activities and instantly alerts them even in a case of falling.

Károly Holecz, president of the Slovene National Self-Government began with a historical overview of the development of cross-border relations. He shared that there were times when people living on different sides of the border were unable to meet each other, and following some friendly meetings, much more serious discussions emerged, resulting in today’s close collaboration. Regarding the Motivage project he called the participants’ attention to the fact, that while a lot of projects involve themselves with developing the economy, the focus of Motivage is the people. In smaller settlements, where houses are scattered, these watches which are the main aspect of the project, may prove lifesaving.

Bálint Papp, director of Muraba ETT held his speech in part as a birthday toast, because Muraba ETT was first registered on August 15. 2017. He thanked everyone for taking part in this procedure to create an active and well-working organization.

Viktor Varró described the project, introduced the partners and collaborating institutions, then Gábor Ferencz lead researcher of West-Pannon Economy Development Provider of Public Utility Nonprofit Ltd. Provided a situation read based on the results of the survey study.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Biroszné Móritz followed with a presentation, the topic of which was unknown for most participants, a not too widespread version of a rather popular pastime activity – cycling. Pedelec, meaning an electric bicycle is making its way into being publicly known and many are reluctant towards the activity because they may feel it is “embarrassing”. However, it is important to note that the older generations, and younger and middle-aged people, who for some reason (illness, injury) are unable to use a regular bicycle for sport or hiking, can safely do so with a pedelec. The presenter encouraged everyone to try the pedelec, because it may – literally – open new distances in active recreation.