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Join us to protect our environment

According to a submitted draft the Hungarian Government would prohibit the distribution and use of thin nylon bags beginning January 2021. The motion completely fits the directives of the European Union and these nylon bags, which were usually used to keep fruits and vegetables could completely disappear from the shops.

Now it is our turn to decrease the amount of plastic pollution.

Let’s create together reusable pouches to put our fruits and vegetables into. These will be offered free of charge for the population of the area. In the shops such pouches are already available, but with our cooperation these could be free for anybody.

We accept offerings of material from which these nature friendly bags could be made. Primarily materials such as older curtains, textile, linen, cotton which are most suitable. We also wait for volunteers who would sew the offered fabrics so it would be available for as many as possible.

Given the adequate number of offerings and volunteers this can be a cooperation, which would be unique on an international level. Thanks to this cooperation we could protect our environment together.

Let’s make together free pouches for the region!

We take offerings of fabric and volunteer applications on the Facebook of Muraba ETT or at info@muraba.hu email!

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