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Tenders to preserve identity and tradition

The results of this year’s Hungaricum tenders had been announced yesterday by István Nagy agrarian minister and Zsolt V. Németh ministerial comissary during a press conference in Budapest.

The Agrarian Ministry gave a 135 million forints out of the 930 million forint fund to settlements in Vas county, which is a huge success compared to the other counties in the amount of winning settlements and amount of support won.

Muraba EGTC participated in the preparation and coordination of 4 tenders which all won:

  • Municipiality of Alsószölnök
  • Municipilaity of Apátistvánfalva
  • Municipiality of Kétvölgy
  • Municipiality of Szalafő.

Muraba: Developing the region, building the community.