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#Wehaveonlyone project ends on Earth Day

On Earth Day hundreds of reusable bags, suitable to contain pastries, fruits and vegetables were handed over by the Muraba EGTC staff to primary schools.

2020 was a year of sustainability. In the spirit of this idea our organisation launched an initiative last year, as part of which we accepted material offerings and the application of voluteers to take part in sewing eco-friendly bags.

Due to the far reaching cooperation we could finish an exceptionally succesful project today, as a result of which we have created 7.000 thousand bags in the past 12 months.

During the past year whe have organised community sewing events twice and many have assisted the intiative from home, however the amount of material we have received was such, that we had to ask for the help of a local dressmaker’s shop.

Because it is important to develop an environmentally friendly approach at a young age in the Rába region we have given 800 of the eco-friendly bags to the students and teachers of Széchenyi István Primary School and Kossich József Bilingual Primary School.

Bálint Papp, the director of Muraba said that we can preserve our Earth also by small acts, for example the reduction of the amount of plastic bags used. He has also thanked everyone participating in the project.

Jánosné Kovács, principal of Széchenyi István Primary School emphasized that they are grateful for the eco-bags and she believes that through developing the environmentalist approach of children, we can reach the adults, because in many cases the young are much more careful when it comes to the question of environment.

Representing the Primary School of Felsőszölnök Dániel Katona added that they are implementing a social experience based approach to shape the environmental mindset of children. He also said, that in public education the topic gains a much greater role, which he finds to be a good direction.

The attendees all agreed that it is important for the schools to be the role models in this topic.

Muraba: Developing the region, building the community.

Supporters of the project:

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