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12. 16.

Family Friendly prize for Muraba

The Municipality of Vas County has announced for the third time a call for tenders, as part of which organizations and leaders could be nominated to receive the title of…

11. 23.

Special lectures in an innovative way

We have successfully finished with the shooting of the presentations which will be part of our Pensionary University lecture series. Airing soon from the screens of Gotthárd Tv, as well…

10. 28.

Regional developments continue

Realized through Magyar Falu Program the cemetery of Alsószölnök can be renewed. The result of the project is that the path located in the steep hillside will again be walkable…

10. 06.

Elder friendly region – Research

Muraba EGTC is researching the Lendva and Szentgotthard regions to assess the relevance regarding the elderly of the facilities of the region, programs, services, institutions and organizations as well as…

09. 23.

Further successful tenders

The result of the Hungaricum tender has been announced and the Municipality of Rönök and the Municipality of Szalafő both received a positive confiscation. Both tenders’ documentation was compiled by…