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05. 12.

Green Line project nearing its finish

As part of the Green Line project a partnership of hungarians and slovenians has been working for 3 years on sharing their knowledge and experience on environment protection, energy efficiency…

05. 07.

Bicycle development in Szentgotthárd

On Friday a bicycle service point has been placed in the bicycle-shed next to the town-hall, which is the first part of Muraba EGTC’s complex turistic project. The development, while…

04. 22.

#Wehaveonlyone project ends on Earth Day

On Earth Day hundreds of reusable bags, suitable to contain pastries, fruits and vegetables were handed over by the Muraba EGTC staff to primary schools. 2020 was a year of…

02. 08.

Rába Regional Slovene Repository of Values

Along the cooperation of 6 settlements, the Regional Repository of Values was formed on thursday, which involves every Municipiality in the Rába region. A Repository of Values is stronger, and…